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My path to the profession

My name is Hugh Mayers, M.B.A.C.P., M. A.R.E.B.T. After gaining a degree in Law and an MA in Politics I began working for victim support Lambeth as a volunteer, then in 2002 I was recruited by HMP Feltham to work with some of the country’s most volatile young offenders in their outreach team. The role required me to provide stress management to young people in the establishment deemed at risk of self-harm due to mental health concerns, drug and alcohol addictions or them being victims of bullying. Consequently I was offered the chance to do some work related training on a counselling skills course.


Developing a deep interest in counselling led to me completing a higher professional diploma in counselling. This allowed me to run an anger management clinic in Feltham HMP for two years. Since then I have gone on to earn an MSc in Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from Goldsmiths College and run a private therapeutic practice based in Brixton.


Professional association

I am a member of the association of rational emotive behaviour therapy (AREBT) and adhere to their code of ethics. I also engage in a minimum of 30 hours’ Continual Professional Development annually, e.g. in March 2013 I attended a five week Life Coaching Course.



I have worked in a number of agencies in the role of counsellor and psychotherapist beginning in 2006, which included two prisons and a national mental health charity, receiving referrals from a number of sources including general practitioners.


My approach

There are many different models of therapy: I have received training in three main models of therapy. My speciality : Rational-Emotive behaviour Therapy (REBT) / Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). This process involves me taking a more active directive approach in identifying a client’s dysfunctional thinking, behaviour and emotional responses and self-defeating ideas about specific issues they are facing or their view of life in general, while assisting them to develop more helpful perspectives, goal enhancing beliefs and to make healthy emotional and behavioural changes.


I have received extensive training in and also practice Person Centred Counselling : In this process I extend empathy, unconditional acceptance and congruence. Also the client determines the direction and tempo of therapy, with therapeutic emphasis being placed on the client feeling heard, understood and not judged.


Existential Counselling is the third mode of therapy I have been trained in and is based on the idea that inner conflicts in life come about when we find ourselves confronting the inevitable realities of existence : our fear of endings, our fear of freedom  ( and its subsequent responsibilities), our fear of being alone with respect to our internal experiences and our search for meaning. When working existentially I focus less on a client’s past and more on the exploring the choices they need to make in the present and future.


Although I am guided by these modes of therapy in my practice, I do not work from a rigid template, acknowledging the fact every individual is unique and so I will tailor my approach to meet the needs of my client.


I aim to be sensitive to the cultural and ethnic origins of individuals and their religious beliefs and operate my practice along the lines normally associated with an equal opportunities employer.



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