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Counselling, Psychotherapy & Coaching.

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Counselling, Psychotherapy & Coaching.


What is counselling ?

In essence counselling refers to the work with an individual, a couple or a group in the context of a developmental relationship, which provides among other things, crisis support and exploration to provide the client with well informed choices. This process frequently takes place in a person-to-person relationship. Counselling does not mean one party ( the professional ) telling another party ( the client ) what to do.


Counselling tends to be more about the client focusing on a particular issue, like divorce or bereavement, while the counsellor assists in helping them to make the necessary life transition and emotional adjustment.


What is psychotherapy ?  

Psychotherapy is an English word of Greek origin, derived from the Ancient Greek terms psyche, meaning “breadth, spirit or soul and therapia meaning treatment or healing”. This treatment interaction may also be contracted between a professional and a client, couple or a group, however the problems addressed tend to be more behavioural e.g. addictions and compulsions, physiological, e.g. extreme bodily tension or irritable bowel syndrome, or psychological, e.g. depression, anxiety or extreme shame.

Therefore in contrast to counselling, psychotherapy is generally more about working therapeutically at a deeper level with the client to facilitate a transformation of how they relate to and perceive themselves and the world. Many people engage in psychotherapy to discover a previously hidden insight about themselves.


What is coaching ?

Sometimes referred to a ‘ life coaching ‘ or ‘psychological coaching ‘ is a type of developmental teaching in which the client or coachee learns step- by- step methods of achieving certain personal or professional goals. Emphasis is generally placed on the coachee’s goals and the type of actions they will need to employ to be successful. Coaching for the most part is essentially about improving performance, whether that is in the field of business, careers, sports or the performing arts.


What Next ?

Embarking on therapy can seem daunting at first, so to discuss any questions you may have or for an initial consultation please get in touch.


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